Gaga at Google

These tidbits, which came out last week in the Google earnings, just boggle me: Average revenue per search (yes, any kind of search, not just paid): 12 cents. It was around a dime in late 04. Avg. revenue per searcher: $7 Avg. revenue per sponsored click: 62 cents. Estimated profits for Google in 06: Roughly […]

World Series

I’m going with the Astros. Got Phil Garner (former Bearden High School standout, UT star and Jefferson City native) and Chis Burke ( a great player at Tennessee in 2001). Our sons, of course, are going with the White Sox. Mark says White Sox in four. I think we’ll see Game 7.

Life Hackers

There’s a great piece on “Life Hackers” in The New York Times Magazine (10/16/2005). The basic premise is our jobs are “interrupt driven” and we end up having “continuous partial attention” (we’re so busy we never focus on anything). You know, you get to the end of they day and wonder what you accomplished other […]