Low-profile blown

That bux-maddened Mock Tech has blown my low-profile cover with a photo.
He caught me, of course, in the midst of a dangerous mission. It was the New Media assimilation of a self-described “Vice President of Old Media” from New Mexico. He, and his entourge, were subjected to hours of acronym torture in the Scripps’ New Media command center, which is cleverly disguised as “Talbots” and nestled behind behind a McDonald’s. Simply diabotical in its innocuous appearance!

Need a line switcher or a Tungsten T cradle?

I’m trying to sell a telephone line switcher (ComSwitch 5500). Works great, but I just don’t need it any more. If interested see my eBay auction here.
I’m also trying to sell two Palm Tungsten T cradles and a hardcase (the screen on the Palm just quit working). This is for the T, not the T2. Click here to see that auction.

The New Year plunge

I’ve taken the plunge. I’m trying to get a handle on my Inbox this year. Good luck, huh? I’ve gone the GTD route and moved all my existing Inbox messages to a DMZ folder and am resolving to keep my Inbox clear. I’ve made several passes through the DMZ folder and deleted hundreds of useless e-mails. … But I have a ways to go!