If I had but one match

I liked this thought Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard pointed out in a column last week.

“Picturing a single match is a reminder of the finite nature of your marketing resources,” Stielstra writes. “No matter what they are–money, people or time–you only have so much. Opportunity costs are critical. How will you use your match?

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Help these girls out

The Randoms want you to be their friend on their MySpace site.
So add them to your friends … or they’re going to be mighty tough to work with.
Just a random excerpt from one Random:

In the wake of discovering several copy cat sites, I’m issuing an action plan for our Myspace profile.

(There was firebreathing after this part.)
For God’s sake, tell them I did my part.

Shapers of Change

A few weeks ago, I got a note from the good folks at UT asking if I would be on a panel. “Sure, no problem,” I said. I’ve spoken to a number of classes at UT and it’s always engaging to see what studients will ask about after I’ve quit babbling.
I’ve discovered the panel is at least a small part of a big deal at the University: UT’s first Journalism and Electronic Media Week.

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