If I had but one match

I liked this thought Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard pointed out in a column last week.

"Picturing a single match is a reminder of the finite nature of your marketing resources," Stielstra writes. "No matter what they are--money, people or time--you only have so much. Opportunity costs are critical. How will you use your match?

Stielstra is Greg Stielstra, who has a new book, PyroMarketing (HarperBusiness, $21.95). He suggests thinking about using your marketing resources as if you had but one match to start a fire.

... Kind of interesting way at looking at a lot of things.

His suggestions:

  • Gather the driest tinder.
  • Touch it with the match.
  • Fan the flames.
  • Save the coals.

Read Rich's column here. I may read the book!