Just don’t leave a message

I have always thought the only good purpose of the red “message waiting” light is as a night light for the phone so I particularly enjoyed Gina Trapani’s little post on “The inefficiency of voicemail.”
The Guardian’s Charles Arthur got her cranked up and he has a great rant on one of the truly evil manifestations of technology:

That’s the real killer about voicemail: it takes much longer to deal with the voicemail than the original message. People ramble. They say their phone number veryquicklyindeedinonebreath. They mumble. They use phones that seem to be located underwater. It’s all wasted time.

And I agree, forget the voicemail, just send me an email.
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Still flying with baggage

Seems fashionable to dish “old” newspapers as an ongoing enterprise. One of the latest came just last week when New Yorker columnist , on a panel as part of the celebration of Slate’s 10th anniversary bash, said newspapers were a lot like airlines:

“The airline itself never makes any money, but everyone else connected with flying makes tons of money.”

I hadn’t heard the airline compassion to newspapers before and I don’t think it flies even if we have baggage. It is true that for the most part content from traditional media stokes the fires of the blogsphere.
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Going to pot in North Carolina

, Media General’s Washington Bureau chief, has a nice piece on a “mug quest” to one of the places I grew up in — and like to return to often.
Apparently, it drew her back, too, for it wasn’t her first trip. She says she detoured to , NC, while on a work assignment. She captures the flavor of the rural town and tells its story in visits with several area potters (buying pottery in Seagrove is more like visiting relatives and taking something home than shopping at the mall), including , and .
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