Month: July 2006

  • Here’s the Scoop …

    Woody Allen is the newspaper of film directors: His audience is dying off. — Jeff Jarvis It may even fit backwards: Newspapers are the Woody Allen of Media. Tags: Buzz Machine | Woody Allen | Jeff Jarvis | Newspapers

  • New blog

    Katie Kolt, one of the knoxnews online producers, has started a blog on knoxnews called “Linked.” It’s described as discussing “her new ties: to Knoxville, to her fiance and to the ‘real world.’” She got engaged in the last couple of weeks and it’s sort of about starting life as an adult, first job out […]

  • Still so 1995

    Steve Outing and Howard Owens have some engaging thoughts on how far we’ve come — or haven’t — that was sparked by revisiting what newspaper online folk were saying more than a decade ago on Outings’ once bustling online-news list. (I still subscribe to it, but it’s much quieter now than in those heady days.) […]