Talking with Ms. Dewey

Continuing to catchup, John Battelle introduced me to Ms Dewey, a sexy search site apparently put up by Microsoft to promote its new live search.
She’s flirtatious and funny.
I searched for Knoxville, Ms. Dewey says:

“It’s amazing how much people get paid to do stupid things.”

An apparent reference to Johnny Knoxville.
I searched for baseball, Ms. Dewey says:

“In baseball I’ve noticed the balls are getting smaller with steroids and all.”

Ms. Dewey is actress Janina Gavankar — one beautiful lady.
If you haven’t visited with Ms. Dewey, do drop in.
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Surfing in September

Some good news for newspapers: Newspaper Sites See Record Traffic in September (via Lost Remote).

September was a banner month for online newspaper sites, which attracted more than 58 million readers that month … This was the highest amount of unique visitors for paper sites ever, the industry group said.

Interestingly our knoxnews traffic in August was better than September and October will better than both. Your results may vary.

Blogroll updated!

Updated my blogroll today. I manually update this by exporting my Google Reader OPML file to my computer and running a perl script written by Srijith Krishnan Nair against it. Thanks, Sri!
Does your blog need to be on my reading list? Let me know.

A long time comin’

Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine, whose prescience about the newspaper business is hard to argue, makes a prediction:

“Even if the rapid [online] growth continues for the next few years, we don’t see online representing over 50% of newspaper ad revenues for at least a couple of decades, suggesting that industry profit could stay flat for the foreseeable future,” wrote analyst Lauren Rich Fine.

See the Editor & Publisher piece. about her back of the envelope projections.
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