Month: October 2006

  • Something strange here …

    A Halloween experience at the Lail household Tags: halloween | home video

  • Talking with Ms. Dewey

    Continuing to catchup, John Battelle introduced me to Ms Dewey, a sexy search site apparently put up by Microsoft to promote its new live search. She’s flirtatious and funny. I searched for Knoxville, Ms. Dewey says: “It’s amazing how much people get paid to do stupid things.” An apparent reference to Johnny Knoxville. I searched […]

  • Surfing in September

    Some good news for newspapers: Newspaper Sites See Record Traffic in September (via Lost Remote). September was a banner month for online newspaper sites, which attracted more than 58 million readers that month … This was the highest amount of unique visitors for paper sites ever, the industry group said. Interestingly our knoxnews traffic in […]