Month: November 2006

  • Mark Cuban says put this play in …

    The never-without-an-opinion Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban has some insightful ideas on how newspapers could strengthen their position of “owning the sale and delivery of advertising in your market.” … in a nutshell, its about making owning the sale and delivery of advertising in your market the primary core competency of your business. He would […]

  • Out back in the garage, we have a little …

    Howard Owens is on target in a post on “Video killed the television star” on video strategies for online newspapers. If innovation and disruption come from small startups (or startup-like operations) who come out of nowhere with a product that is good enough to meet a need, then operate like they do. Two guys in […]

  • Beginning to Digg

    Guy Kawaski is right. This is a good beginners guide to Digg. If you’re trying to explain Digg to someone who’s never used it, it’s a good resource to point them too. Tags: Digg | Guy Kawasaki