Mark Cuban says put this play in …

The never-without-an-opinion Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban has some insightful ideas on how newspapers could strengthen their position of “owning the sale and delivery of advertising in your market.”

… in a nutshell, its about making owning the sale and delivery of advertising in your market the primary core competency of your business.

He would make an interesting newspaper owner.
Update 12/2/06: I see Mark Potts finds Mark Cuban’s post intriguing as well.
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Out back in the garage, we have a little …

Howard Owens is on target in a post on “Video killed the television star” on video strategies for online newspapers.
If innovation and disruption come from small startups (or startup-like operations) who come out of nowhere with a product that is good enough to meet a need, then operate like they do.
Two guys in a garage or dorm room didn’t create a behemoth Internet portal with mail, maps, movies and more; they created a collection of links. It grew into a behemoth. Craig Newmark started with an email to friends and grew it into Craigslist. Start with what you can do and make it better. Just do.
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Great little amp

Have you seen one of these?
I first read about the Sonice Impact T-amp (Sonic Impact 5066) in the Oct. 3, 2005, Forbes magazine (article in pay archives now).
The article raved about the sound quality of the $39 amp, which was introduced in 2003.
Other rave about it, too:

Warning: this has been the most thrilling and incredible experience I’ve had with a component in, say, 25 years of HiFi listening. This website has existed since 1995, I’ve reviewed hundreds of HiFi components, inexpensive and ridiculously overpriced ones. I never – repeat – NEVER came across such a stunning piece of gear in all of these years.

… the Sonic Impact T-amp is an absolutely brilliant piece of equipment that revolutionizes sound quality performance at a true budget price. Prior to the T-amp, a great-sounding $39 amplifier was unheard of. That makes the Sonic Impact unparalleled. Heck, even for $390, it would be unparalleled – it’s simply a really great little amplifier.
I decided to get one last year. I’m not an audophile, but this thing is amazing. I went to Best Buy and bought set of bookshelf speakers. They sound great hooked up to this little battery-powered amp with one on/off volume knob and that’s it.
Hook it up to yoru IPod. Hook it up to your TV. Hook it up to most anything.
Runs on eight AA batteries. My son has “adopted” it and is putting the “sold separately” AC adapter on his Christmas list.
It’s small. It’s simple. It works great. Meets all my requirements.
Search for prices for it. You can buy it from the manufacturer for $39, but it was selling for less at I’m not sure why the Amazon vendor (Amazon doesn’t sell it itself) is on the high side, but read the user comments on the item description page.
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It’s a human problem

Loved this quote from Dave Rand of Trend Micro in the story saying nine out of 10 emails are spam:

“It will only end when people stop buying diet pills, herbal highs and sexual performance enhancers

“The products they are selling by spam are exactly the same products that they sold in the Middle Ages. This really is a human problem, not a computer problem.”

Podcasting: They hear it differently

BBC News: Podcast numbers show ‘few hooked’
The (San Jose) Mercury News: Podcasts beginning to reach non-geeks
Both were reporting on a Wednesday release from the .
From the Mercury News article:

“We are at a crossroads of a major transition in the way media content is delivered,” said Mary Madden, a senior research analyst who worked on the Pew survey.

From the BBC article:

But despite the growth, just 1% of respondents said that they would download a podcast on a typical day.

Here’s a link to the actual report.
The report said the number of people who have downloaded to a podcast has grown since February from 7 to 12 percent, but the number of people listening to a podcast daily is just 1 percent.
Meanwhile, the number of podcasts produced is exploding. Is critical mass arriving or is content being put up that will just go unheard? Will video blogs overtake podcasting before it even begins? Where exactly does podcasting fit in?
It’s hard to tell from these figures. It’s like listening to a radio newscast being broken up by static just as the key sentence is spoken.