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Howard Owens is on target in a post on “Video killed the television star” on video strategies for online newspapers.
If innovation and disruption come from small startups (or startup-like operations) who come out of nowhere with a product that is good enough to meet a need, then operate like they do.
Two guys in a garage or dorm room didn’t create a behemoth Internet portal with mail, maps, movies and more; they created a collection of links. It grew into a behemoth. Craig Newmark started with an email to friends and grew it into Craigslist. Start with what you can do and make it better. Just do.
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  1. Jack, thanks for the link. You’ve picked up on the primary theme of my life these days — do what you can with what you have.
    Too often over the past few years, I’ve tried to get all the perfect pieces in the perfect places before launching something … no more.
    That’s what I’m telling everybody in my new job — you want to do something, do it. Find a way. We don’t have our blog hosting set up yet, use WordPress. We don’t have an easy way to get your videos into Flash, use Google Video or YouTube. Just do it.
    YouTube was built on available free parts and an obvious idea.

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