Yeah, the cable works, but the office is another story

I made the big switch yesterday from landline POTS telephone to cable digital phone service yesterday.

Comcast was cheaper than MCI, which I used for local and long distance, and both offer basically the same set of phone features: Caller ID, call waiting, call waiting Caller ID, three-way calling, web-based voice mail, and a lot of blab, blah stuff I never use plus free nationwide long distance.

Other than being over an hour past the 8 a.m. to noon "show up" window, the installer did a great job.

He knew what he was doing and quickly move through the process (I was upgrading to digital cable too so I had three cable boxes to get hooked up).

All was going well, until ...

The office desk had to be moved to access the phone jack that was nearest where I have my 'cable modem" and router.

The desk is close to 20 years old and was getting unstable, I knew.

"Wait, I said, I'll move it"

I took most of the books out to lighten it up a bit.

When I moved one end out from the wall, the other end collapsed sending papers, pens, paperclips, nnotebooks, speakers, a boulder of a tube computer monitor, dust and shelves flying. When the avalanche ended, the nonplused tech simply said:

"Yeah, I think I can get to it now."

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