Think and Leap

If you're preparing for a career in the shrinking world of mainstream journalism ... or just trying to get a journalism job ... here's some good posts to study.

It should go without say (but apparently it needs to be said): Big J jobs of the future: online skills a must. Also note: the possible careers in journalism are growing even if traditional newsrooms are contracting.

Rob Curley: What sort of things should an aspiring journalist be thinking about?

Mindy McAdams: Getting (and keeping) a job in journalism and with another post: It's about stories ... which stories? And why?

Bob Stepno: Following up on Mindy with some of his own ideas ... Glue this to a journalism school dean's nose?

Howard Owens: Don't be thrown off by the title, it's also about what skills to have to get a job ... Additional notes on Outing’s advice for small newspapers

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