Did you inhale?

That blogger Amanda Marcotte resigned under fire from John Edwards’ presidential campaign emphasizes what is wrong with public debate in America.
It’s not about issues and candidates. It’s about code words and political correctness.
When someone, in this case, Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, points to a blog posting someone made before they joined a campaign and says, this is poltically incorrect, you must go. Something’s wrong.
I’m not surprised Marcotte is gone; it was the right decision given the circumstances. But it’s the new “Did you inhale” question of the MySpace Generation: Did you ever say something dumb, political incorrect or stupid online? And remember, it’s still out there … somewhere.
It’s an issue for job seekers, political candidates and even the candidates’ digital foot soldiers.
Of her departure, Marcotte said:
“The main good news is that I don’t have a conflict of interest issue anymore that was preventing me from defending myself against these baseless accusations. So it’s on.”
And so it is.
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  1. Just curious, have you read the posts in question?
    Because what you should have said was “have you ever said something dumb, politically incorrect or stupid OR incredibly, unbelievably insulting and nasty.”
    This isn’t the equivalent of a slip of the tongue. This young lady has predicated her writing on being a foul mouthed goof and you think that’s the equivalent of someone smoking pot forty years ago? Especially as she was doing so right up until the time she became the candidate’s blogger and, as an extra added bonus, she did it during the time she was onboard.
    I was enjoying the hell out of this blog until this post. As you said sir…
    “We just think we’ve come a long way.”
    You just pulled the oldest and hoariest of dead dog media tricks chief, it’s called “leaving out the context,” and y’all are the PAST masters of that occult art.

  2. Yeah, I did read some of the extensive passages critics quoted from her blog posts.
    Outrageous? Sure. Unusual in its outrageousness? Heavens no. Just a casual trip through MySpace could convince one otherwise.
    Does freedom of speech come without consequences? No. But there’s also a “gotcha” element to pulling from the electronic ether blog posts or message board rantings.
    Maybe Terry Heaton captured that aspect of it better than I in this post.

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