Get some Mississippi Soul

Slick Ballinger

Have you heard of this guy. Slick Ballinger?
The 21-year-old Raleigh, N.C., native turned Mississippi bluesman has a debut album called “Mississippi Soul” on Oh Boy records.
By the time he was 18, Slick (real name is Daniel and he’s an Eagle Scout) was already hanging out on stage with B.B. King and Pinetop Perkins. His decision to become a bluesman sprang from seeing the 1986 movie Crossroads.
Ballinger spent the summer of 2002 as a teen living with a 94-year-old bluesman in Mississippi in a house with no running water or electricity.
He musta learned something.
There are some mp3 and video clips on an older site and a lot of links to articles. Interesting to see (and hear) before they sharpened his image for the new album.
In 2004 he was named “most promising guitarist” in the International Blues Challenge.
If you like Mississippi blues, this is a must have. My fav cuts (so far) are the title cut “Mississippi Soul” and the bonus gospel blues song “Talkin’ ‘Bout Jesus.'”
Blues in all its rawness.
Best played loud.
One old lady was crawling on her belly
And some young girl was shaking like jelly.

— “Let’s get down”
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  1. I ran across Slick in 2002 down in Memphis. He was playing out on Beale street and doing stuff that nobody else was doing…and doin’ it with authority!
    I went back the next year and he and his mom took me on a guided tour through the hill country of Mississippi that I’ll not soon forget. I wrote most of it down here:
    The Como Chronicles
    Slick and his music has effected a lot of people, changed lives, and opened doors to other worlds of vernacular music. He is an American Original and that’s for sure.

  2. Tweed:
    The Como Chronicles are quite a tale. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve been to Memphis a few times, but have never been to Wild Bill’s. Life incomplete.
    Maybe Slick’ll be book into KnoxVegas sometime.

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