Quick, where do most people get their news?

Where do most people get their news? Not from newspapers it seems. Not even a second!
When pollster Zogby did a survey just a couple weeks ago, people said:
Where do you get most of your news and information?
Internet Sites 39.9%
Television 31.5%
Newspapers 12.2%
Radio. 12.1%
Magazines .8%
Blogs 1.5%
When asked, “Which of the following is your most trusted source for news and information,” they said:
Internet sites 33.2%
Television 21.3%
Newspaper 16.0%
Radio 14.0%
Magazine 2.0%
Blogs 1.7%
I think this one of the strongest showings by Internet sites vs traditional media that I’ve seen.
See more poll results at JD Lasica’ Social Media site, which had an exclusive on this poll, in a PDF here. It has some fascinating data.


  1. Hmmm…. well, maybe.
    I had always thought of Zogby as a legit pollster. The poll said 5,384 adults nationwide were surveyed and that the poll had a margin of error of 1.4 percentage points. There is some more on the methodology here.
    That seems pretty credible to me. But I’m not a poll wonk.
    Heck, broadband penetration has reached 55 percent in United States. It’s not like online users are an unusual subset of the population. There are more Internet users than newspapers readers in the U.S.

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