Innovation lies in yonder Mountain Dew

You might not have seen this. Bryan Murley has a new interview with online pioneer and "Hyper-Local Hero" .

Bryan Murley is online news adviser and on the faculty of the Mass Communication Department at Emory & Henry College and is the webmaster of the Center for Innovation in College Media.

Curley is Curley.

As always, he's dead-on in his thoughts.

How to encourage innovation:

"Hire smart people and protect them from the bureaucracy, and then let them run wild,"

On being a change agent:

When people are being brought in to be — and boy is this a terrible term — a “change agent” then the people already in that organization aren’t typically going to react by saying, “Isn’t this great.” The more typical reaction will be that people will be a little mean. Maybe even really mean.

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