The Twitter on Twitter

Smart guy Ross Mayfield says Twitter, on the eve of turning one, has hit the tipping point.
I love this buzzword: Continuous Partial Presence. Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi movie.
If you’re trying to figure what the twitter is about all, Chris Brogan’ 5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good from might get your started.
Or Anil Dash’s Consider Twitter.
Maybe Dan Blank has it figured out with this headline: Twitter: Always Feel Important
Update: Another great Twitter guide.
More on Twitter
I signed up to see what all the twitter was about. Add me as a friend. Do you use Twitter, find it useful in the least?
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  1. Thanks for leaving a commment about Don Williams. I think the editor and the paper should have supported him rather than making it seem as though there was a problem by cutting his column to every other week.
    Thanks to your blog I found out about Twitter. Its fun but it would be nice if we all had important things to do like people such as John Edwards.

  2. Well, Edwards is a North Carolinian. I grew up not to far from the small town of Robbikns, where he grew up.
    But mostly I was interested in how his campaign (which appears to be very wired) is using Twitter to connect. It’s interesting.
    I’m new to Twitter myself, but I’m glad you found the post useful.

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