Need tips on ‘while I’m in Scotland …’

Headed to Scotland in a few weeks and looking for suggestions on what to not miss or what we must do. Staying here in Edinburgh. Never been anywhere in Scotland.
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  1. Hi, Jack.
    In Edinburgh, you should count on spending a whole day at Edinburgh Castle, and most of another day at Holyrood Palace. A chunk of your trip can be spent exploring the Royal Mile on foot (that’s the street that connects the castle to the palace).
    Outside Edinburgh, if you’re looking for a couple of day trips, I’d highly recommend Inverness and a boat trip on Loch Ness. You won’t see Nessie, but you’ll see some gorgeous scenery.
    Oban is a small, quaint fishing village on the west coast; that’s another worthwhile day trip.
    Or you could just say “To heck with the historic stuff” and take several day trips to various whiskey distilleries. They provide free samples. 😉

  2. I lived in Edinburgh for a year between 1993 and 1994. I highly suggest a visit to the Royal Oak on the corner of South Bridge and Infirmary Street. It’s one of the best pubs in the city and has great traditional music every night. It doesn’t get much more “Scottish” than that.

  3. Well, I would avoid my in-laws. Actually, I haven’t been to Edinburgh in a couple of years just for that very reason.
    There are a couple of galleries down by Princes Street – free and they have Scottish art. I haven’t been but a friend told me that the new Scottish parliament is worth a visit.
    I have been on a bit of the whisky trail – and that’s actually really good – Speyside area, but I’m sure all the distilleries are worth a visit. And I think there’s a whisky museum on the Royal Mile. I haven’t been, so I dont’ know if it’s a tourist trappy thing or worth a look.

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