An update with short history of fatblogging

Between vacation and some work projects, I’ve slowed down, but I’m continuing. This is for last week (week ending June 10). Did some jogging on a wonderful bike trail in Westerville, Ohio.
And I also noticed the L.A. Time history of fatblogging.


Calories burned
Time exercising
Miles jogged
No advice

The month-to-date miles is 6.5.
Now, gotta run.
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2 replies on “An update with short history of fatblogging”

  1. I’m up to 2 miles without stopping now. I hope to do a 5k race a month from now. We’ll see how it goes. The best news is that I’m down 50 pounds, with a few more to go, but I feel great.

  2. I love fatblogging – been doing it over a year now (even before it had a fancy name) — it is a great way to stay motivated. I’ve lost over 80 lbs so far. I still need to get out and exercise more! But I’m doing it.
    I especially enjoy the social networking aspect and created a blog for just that – with lots of fun and motivation added too – The Diet Pulpit. Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

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