Did you see this fax?

2007 is the year the facsimile machine died?
Not everyone agrees.
I still have a fax machine on my desk, but it startled me when it rang the other day. I do have some regular junk faxers, which like cockroaches, will probably outlive the end of the earth, but other than that, I think I receive something I actually need to have about once every five or six months. I could live without it.
The newspaper and the newsroom still get a lot of information via fax. Says something about the industry. Says something about PR folks, too.
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  1. What makes me crazy is that a great deal of the politicians send me the e-mail and then send the corresponding fax. I have told them, don’t waste a tree, just send me the Press releases via e-mail.
    I still get the faxes.

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