We'll be showing the redesign on the radio

George Korda's State Your CaseI'll be on George Korda's "State Your Case" radio show on Sunday (July 1) at noon, NewsTalk 100, talking about and answering questions on the redesign of knoxnews.com, a free GoVolsXtra.com and whatever else. Tune in.

I'm sure I'm not exciting enough for the whole three hours (it's on from noon to 3), but maybe we'll have enough to talk about for the first hour.

People have had things to say:

Knoxviews: KNS website changes and News Sentinel website update update.

Bob Stepno: New Knox Looks at Knox News

Larry Jones doesn't like your news organization: While the gnashing of teeth about the KNS and Metro Pulse continues...

Southern Fried Tech: Good news for SEC football fans and proponents of keeping the Internet free´┐Ż no comments

Small Initiatives - Sensible Internet Design: Scripps moves Knoxnews to Ellington

Michael Silence's No Silence Here: KNS launches new KnoxNews

Erin Chapin: Goodbye, Vinny

Jack McElroy: Opening up KnoxNews and GoVolsXtra

Stacey Campfield: At last !

Knoxnews: Knoxnews.com introduces new look today

And tons of email yesterday.

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