eBay country

Attention Internet sellers.
Bryon Chesney noticed the venerable Scarborough Research says Knoxville, Tenn. is tied for No. 2 in the penetration of eBay among Internet users. It’s an interesting list.
Some factoids from the release:

  • eBay Visitors are 37 percent more likely than the average Internet user to have spent $2,500 or more online during the past year.
  • They are 16 percent more likely to be ages of 18-24, and 12 percent more likely to be male.
  • They are 71 percent more likely to buy consumer electronics online, and account for 53 percent of all online purchasers in this category.

(via Michael Silence)

Lack of face time

The latest lament of the death of AP’s youth experiment ASAP is Will Sullivan. For him, it was an experiment he would have liked to have seen succeed in that newspapers need to do something that will actually attract younger readers
Steve Yelvington has some thoughts on why it failed and some great comments from others.
We “use” it at knoxnews and Knoxville News Sentinel and probably will until it dies in October. It’s been available to our print folks, but they aren’t running much of it. They didn’t realize they had it in their wire feed for quite some time. Online the hosted version is on an inflexible platform. I never got my page view tracking code in it; never really had the ad positions we needed. AP’s Customwire is much more friendly to clients.
It never really had the audience that I could tell. That may very well have been because we did little to promote it other than the promo tools provided by the service and sometimes running a piece high on the home page on weekends.
The packages often were just a different spin on the traditional news topics instead of really outside the box stories. But they could be pretty good.
As has been suggested, tying the product to the ‘Old Gray Lady’ probably doomed it from the start.
It could not get the face time with the intended audience. Had it got their attention, I think an audience might have been possible. Maybe AP targeted it to the wrong client?
It would be interesting to hear AP’s internal “lessons learned” on ASAP.
Updated: Susan Mernit has this analysis: AP ending ASAP,a youth-oriented syndication package launched in 2005, in October. The cause? “A number of marketplace changes that were happening with the U.S. newspaper industry.” (Susan sez: Is that corporate speak for we’re screwed?)
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Kudzu of Connections

I’ve seen a lot of thoughtful react to Jason Calacanis’ weekend post about Facebook bankruptcy, but Ethan Kaplan has the best two sentences I’ve read:

You all, and we all, made a system in which the promiscuous exchange of data is the predicate for it functioning. Do not complain about reaping what you sowed.

In classic Calacanis style, he whipped up a blogosphere tornado trying to come to grips with the overload of his Facebook account after being sick for a few days. His Kudzu of Connections piece whirled and whipped about on an otherwise lazy summer Saturday.
For a longer react piece, I’d recommend Rex Hammock’s Jason decides Facebook is not the golden fleece. He’s been writing and thinking alot about Facebook and other social netwroks. But there’s lots more react.
Is Robert Scoble right when he says: Facebook is the new business card AND the new media distribution network?
If it is, add me to your Rolodex.
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Back in the gym

Did a couple worksouts at the gym in addition to jogging; I dislike weight training, but I need to do it. I was sore Tuesday and Wednesday.
Some of my exercising tunes this week were “Say You Love Me,” Rodney Crowell; “I know I’m not alone,” Michael Franti and Spearhead; and “Hell at Home,” Sonny Landreth.


Calories burned
Time exercising
Miles jogged
No advice


The month-to-date miles is 51.05.
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Just like the Astronaut Farmer

Arvinder Kang from Ole Miss pointed me to this strange project from a guy who grew up in Knoxville and South Africa, and now lives in Greensboro, NC.
He’s creating an IMAX movie from still photos. Ah, yes.
There’s a web site
Stephen van Vuuren says he is creating an “IMAX movie in the basement.” I think it’s kind of a Billy Bob Thornton “The Astronaut Farmer” does a big budget movie in the basement instead of a rocket ship in the barn.
According to the Web site, the movie “Outside In” is a giant-screen visual symphony that aims to artistically bridge science and spirituality as it journeys from the big bang to the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn.”Outside In” is a giant-screen visual symphony that aims to artistically bridge science and spirituality as it journeys from the big bang to the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn.
Well, he tells his story here:

His blog explains the “YouTube” effect of the video clip this week.
Charlie Farmer made it into space; maybe Stephen van Vuuren will make this movie.
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