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Knoxville’s Randy Neal has spun up a new site,, (named for the county, not the blogging … or maybe both).
Its mission is to be a hyper-local community web space for liberal/progressive citizens of Blount County to meet, organize, and discuss news, politics, events, and issues of interest to the community.
It’s cut from the same Drupal-powered mold as his vibrant
Best of luck with the new site!
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  1. Thanks, Jack!
    (And a note to Drupal fans out there, we also used the new site to test Drupal version 5.
    Everything seems to work great and there are some nice improvements under the hood.
    What we learned from the BlountViews launch will help us get KnoxViews upgraded from 4.7 to 5 in the near future. It doesn’t look like it will be too painful, despite the numerous modifications and third-party modules.)

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