Online Video: They saw this

Some views on the new Pew study on Video Online.
On the sticky note write, “Here’s proof that there’s a Revolution happening.”
— David All

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  1. I hate online video. I have a nice TV and cable and a Tivo for that. Plus it eats up bandwidth. I wish online video would die a quick yet painful death.
    Video adds very little value to the type of content I’m interested in on the internet, i.e. news and politics, finance, research, technology and support info, consumer and product info, etc.
    I can read a summary or a transcript of a news conference or an interview a lot faster than sitting through a grainy, jumpy video. Plus I can easily skip ahead or go back to re-read text. And well-written news reports and opinion columns are more literary, richer in content and have more room for more context than sound bites. Still photos translate well to the web, too, and actually add value to text content without distracting and wasting bandwidth.
    I guess if I was more interested in music videos or something it might be different.
    I guess porn is probably big business, too.
    Otherwise, who needs it, and why? What is the value it adds? Most of it is just goofy anyway.
    But maybe I’m just becoming another old curmudgeon.
    Somewhat related, have you seen “Idiocracy”? It’s a goofy waste of time, too, but the first 15 or 20 minutes get the point across and it’s scary.

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