It's not a Wonderful Life, but I like it ...

I've become a fan of TNT's 'Saving Grace' that started coming on TNT in July. Totally surreal premise, but, hey, I've got a lot of practice at suspending disbelief.

You're headed for hell, Grace, but God's given you one last chance. He sent me to help you.

-- Earl, the guardian angel.

Not exactly Jimmy Stewart and "It's A Wonderful Life."

Holly Hunter makes it work as the cynical and saucy Oklahoma City detective Grace Hanadarko. I hope the scripts continue to be fresh as the episodes I've seen.

I really like the theme song, "Saving Grace" by Everlast. He does it with some promotional video of the show in the YouTube video above. Give it a listen; good song.

Everybody could use a guardian angel and a little Saving Grace, couldn't they?

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