Month: August 2007

  • Spatial Serendipity

    One idea here (and there are several) that I liked a lot is that of a local social media package that would give you the tools to be plugged into a city, scene, location.  Here’ s the concept that Chris Brogan outlines in his blog post: If I show up at an airport terminal, I […]

  • Repeat after me …

    But get this straight: Just because a site has 100 million users, that doesn’t mean 100 million people see your ad. It’s not TV. Repeat: It’s not TV. The only people who will see your ad are the ones who see the page on which it appears. If you buy 10,000 impressions, aka eyeballs, you […]

  • Trend alert

    A look around the curve to find Traffic Happens Elsewhere Bigger than Web 2.0, but you can ride, Steve Rubel says, by:1) Thinking web services, not websites2) Connect people.3) Make everything portable. It’s about taking advantage of distribution to get to the audience’s door rather than putting up neon signs and tossing dollars so the […]