Woo hoo!

  Mocktech sent me the business case for an iPhone here and here. Wonder if that’ll fly?

Running to Hot Rize

Didn’t jog as much as normal; did weights instead. Did listen to an old album, Hot Rize’s 1979 first album. I really liked it when it came out and it holds up well, I think. Here’s the lineup: Peter Wernick (Banjo), Nick Forster (Bass), Tim O’Brien (Fiddle and Mandolin), and Charles Sawtelle (Guitar). Track listing:… Continue reading Running to Hot Rize

Commenting on Google comments

A handy reader on the weekend L.A. Times piece on Google comments: Tony Hung: LA Times: “… Its Bigger Than Jesus, Worse Than Bin Laden!” Ethan Kaplan: Newspapers are Committing Recursive Suicide John Battelle: Newspapers: Stages of Google Grief Danny Sanchez: L.A. Times editorial board decries Google News comments Mathew Ingram: Newspapers ignore Google at… Continue reading Commenting on Google comments