Make a blog marketing move

Knoxville bloggers: Increase your priority in Knoxnews’ blog network by just adding a link on your home page to the blog aggregator and email me the link. It’s free; it’s painless.  Why haven’t you done it already?


  1. Well, because:
    1. You guys look like you’re allowing what I would term blogspam
    2. You guys aren’t allowing blogs (like mine) that would be critical of KNS or its parent company
    Both are antithetical to blogging in general. Painted roses don’t smell like anything but plastic.

  2. We’re looking at who’s on there and we may tweak the list some. This is a new thing for us.
    As to aren’t allowing blogs that *would* be critical of the KNS or its parent company, where’s that coming from? I don’t know of any blogs that have been turned anti-Scripps or News Sentinel.
    Who told you that? If you’ll send me a the feed addresses and your blogs, I’ll see if I can get them in the list. That’s the most outlandish thing I’ve heard in quite some time.

  3. Ah, good to know you guys are reviewing what is going on– I understand it is an adjustment, for sure.
    And the feed in question was added, so that was my mistake. What is confusing, ,but understandable, is how you parse the feed. “Knoxville Blog” sounds pretty generic when seen through the lens of a feed on the page, surrounded by other “Knoxville Blogs” but seemed like a good idea at the time (for SEO, most likely).
    I’m guessing this process is mostly automated, which accounts for both issues. Very sorry for the false allegation, I’ll post a correction in the Sunday edition 😉

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