Predictions from the disco era

Musings on online newspapers from 1978. Yes, 1978. Kenneth Edwards got it amazingly right. It’s held up better with time than, say, disco music. 

If we think of a newspaper as being a printed object delivered to our homes, we may be talking about replacing newspaper with an electronic signal. But if we think (as I do) of newspapers as organizations which disseminate news and information by the most efficient methods available – then we are thinking in terms of applying a new technology to an existing institution.

Even more amazing is nearly 30 years later, a lot of people who get paychecks from newspapers haven’t gotten this one. Maybe, they’re still listening to the Bee Gees?

(via Martin Stabe)

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What’s an album?
That’s this scam whereby in order to get the one good song you want, you have to spend $16 on 10 other crap songs that you’ll never listen to.

Hmmm, someone should make a vinyl format that would be cheaper and have just one or two songs on it. It could be smaller, and they could call it, well, a single.
Nah. Not gonna happen.

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