Sunrise at Wolf Laurel

Sunrise at Wolf Laurel

Sunrise at Wolf Laurel on my birthday. It was a beautiful start to a beautiful day. This is not an HDR photo; I hadn’t had enough coffee to get bracketeing configured on my camera, but I did later and I’ll post some of those soon..
Updated: Some more.


  1. That’s a good one. Knoxville tends to get the most beautiful sunsets, escpecially as autum approaches. I don’t know if it is the intrinsic to the climate, or if Oak Ridge is adding a little something special, but I often felt that Knoxville must be shipping it’s lesser sunsets to places like Key West.
    I’ve been to KW four times, and though the sunsets are nice, I’ve never seen them as nice as when driving west from downtown on Middlebrook at sunset.

  2. I agree. Some of the best ones I see are from the News Sentinel building. You come out of the front door looking west and it’s on a little higher ground.

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