When the team goes to the pits

Question: Does a team fall apart from the stress of things not going well or do things begin to not go well when the team falls to work together?

For those who aren’t NASCAR followers, this is a photo of Roush-Fenway driver Carl Edwards getting angry enough to almost punch teammate Matt Kenseth following Sunday’s race in Martinsville, Va.

See the YouTube video.

Edwards yesterday said a feud had been brewing. Both drivers have been fading in the Nextel Cup Chase.  Edwards is fifth and Kenseth is 12th.

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  1. I’m not a fan of either of these guys but poor old Matt Kenseth is starting to become the NASCAR punching bag. I remember last year when Jeff Gordon shoved him. The funny thing is, he seems to draw out the fury of the “nice guys” of NASCAR. Perhaps Bruton Smith should team up with Vince McMahon and hold a Driver’s Brawl at Bristol, probably draw a huge crowd!

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