Fred Thompson savvy Internet campaigner

Is Tennessee’s Fred Thompson the savviest presidential candidate at appealing to the net community? That’s the question posed by Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins at Mashable.

The video above aimed at liberal movie maker Michael Moore is but one example. Hopkins said:

Sean Hackbarth, of the Fred Thompson campaign, sent me an email yesterday essentially stating that not only is Fred Thompson a lawyer, but he played one on TV, citing his appearances in In the Line of Fire, The hunt for the Red October, Die Hard 2, and Law and Order. As such, he recognizes the value of “star power” in spreading the word about why “Fred will make a great, conservative President.”

Essentially, Fred wants to create the next Chris Crocker or Star Wars Kid by surveying the roster of YouTube-worthy talent in his support base, have his fans vote for the favorites, and then promote the heck out of them, and by proxy Fred (ostensibly on YouTube, although I wouldn’t rule out traditional TV ads).

All you need to do is upload your video, and stay tuned to to vote yourself up. He’s looking for positive videos about himself, trying to stay away from attack ads against his competitors.

Wonder which Tennessean is the biggest star: Fred Thompson or Chris Crocker?

Conservate GOP candidate Ron Paul gets my vote. I can tell from KnoxNews‘ referring domains and pageview reports anytime the Texan is mentioned on the Web site.

Other contenders are Democrats John Edwards (he’s still twittering among other things) and Barak Obama.


  1. Not surprising that some folks just refuse to get-it.
    Fred completely bypassed the mainstream media.
    All the crap about missing debates, entering “late” or campaigning in the “usual way” is all spin!
    The man knows who the real Americans are and he knows we can’t stand the MSM and he also understands where he can reach us.
    Ron Paul was booed at the last national debate four separate times and each for very good reason. The man talks in verses like he can’t string together a complete thought and then gets angry and defenseive about it…The guys easily and righfully judged a nutcase without even going into his insane positions on legalizing drugs and withdrawing our stabilizing efforts on evil in the rest of the world.
    AND don’t even get me started on the socialist traitor Biden.

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