Tell it in 2 minutes

Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove, an Internet TV service, to Insider on video length:

Not only are Web audiences interested almost entirely in short-form
video, but they want them even shorter than they are right now.

On average, Jeremy says, Web users are selecting 4-minute videos. But they’re bailing out after streaming just two minutes.


  1. When I was involved in doing video for, and tracking the length of time people watched our videos, I found that about 98 percent of the time they only watched for about 30 sec. Sports columnists, however, would sometimes be watched for up to 4 minutes. And viewers were willing to watch looong videos of the Coretta Scott King funeral.

  2. Ninety-eight percent drop out after 30 seconds. Amazing!
    I wish I had a better handle on what viewers are willing to watch — and see to the finish. I don’t have any data on how long a user stays with a video. I do know what videos are most popular on our site and which of ours are most popular on YouTube. That varies.
    The basic standup piece you might see on during a TV newscast doesn’t seem to work. Compelling two-minute story telling in video is a tough thing to learn for print-stained wretches, too!

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