Month: February 2008

  • Just another medium for journalists

    Anil Dash of blog software house Six Apart on Joshua Micah Marshall and his Talking Points Memo wining a prestigious George Polk Award for Legal Reporting: It was the first time an internet only news service had won this journalism prize. At Six Apart, we’ve always believed that blogs are nothing more, and nothing less, […]

  • Bonus day

    Louis Gray says all salaried folks are working for free today because of Leap Day. There are 366 days in the year this year and only 365 last year and next year. But wait, my annual bonus fell into my bank account today. Nevermind. It truly is a bonus day. Even the accountants have a […]

  • Surely, it’s not a problem

    A new Zogby Interactive poll shows the shift away from traditional media – particularly newspapers – continues to move at warp speed. We’re down to only people 65 and older getting most of their news from something other than the Internet – and that’s probably TV. When only 7 percent of the key 18-to-29 year […]