Knoxville in just six words

OK, I’m stealing this one honest from Tommy’s Table. I’m a sucker for stuff like this anyway.

He’s challenged people to describe Charlotte in six words. Why six words?

The story goes that Ernest Hemingway once claimed his finest work consisted of six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

The people at Smith magazine took that idea and ran with it, asking readers to send in six-word memoirs. They’re now collected in a book, “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs From Writers Famous and Obscure.”

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So now with the rules outta da way, describe Knoxville in six words in a comment:

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Thanks for stopping by my blog–seems we like the same artist!
Ok–I’ll give you six words for Knoxville. I lived in Oak Ridge for several years so my words are from experience.
6 words:
A city full of creative hillbillies.
Knoxvillians: people who dont care to.
( This story comes from an experience I had on several occasions. When Knoxvillians say, I just don’t believe I care to—they mean..they will go along with whatever you are doing. If you ask them to do something for you—they would say—I just don’t believe I care to….but they would mean they didn’t mind one bit doing it.) First time you hear it, you don’t know if they are coming or not.

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