Earth Hour gets buzz

There was a lot of buzz on Twitter this morning about Earth Hour. Here’s a sampling from Tweet Scan, a “real time” Twitter search engine. Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter.

Despil : @scarab I thought we have about 6 hours ’till Earth Hour. It’s not even noon yet << (2008-03-29 06:52:21)
rgabostyle : Turn of your lights for an hour from 8pm to 9pm local time and join the Greener One team for Earth Hour! << (2008-03-29 06:51:07)
mic2007 : twitterfolk as part of earth hour today-take a picture of where u are now n send 2 w/ location see << (2008-03-29 06:47:38)
halfscottishguy : still has his lights off after earth hour << (2008-03-29 06:47:16)
antonmannering : @gabig58 What is Earth Hour meant to acheieve exactly? << (2008-03-29 06:46:51)
gabig58 : Earth Hour tonight at 8pm- your local time Turn your lights off! << (2008-03-29 06:43:41)
mattbodman : its earth hour!!! stop using twitter, it wastes electricity!!!! << (2008-03-29 06:43:33)
steverosebush : Earth Day: Turn off the lights for an hour. I never turn ON my lights to begin with. Sometimes have a desk lamp on. Maybe I’ll light candles << (2008-03-29 06:43:05)
scarab : I wonder how many stores and shops got robbed during Earth Hour. << (2008-03-29 06:43:02)
Wedge : It’s ‘Earth Hour’ tonight at 8pm, see – just working out my Carbon Footprint now at actonco2 << (2008-03-29 06:42:48)
harikishore : Earth Hour!! << (2008-03-29 06:42:10)
patrickcurl : @steverosebush Its to celebrate earth hour – between 8-9pm a large portion of the world will be dimming lights to conserve 1 hour of energy. << (2008-03-29 06:41:07)
styler : @jwegesin it’s for earth hour, but black screen could actually be using more energy hahaha << (2008-03-29 06:40:50)
reemyrobby : What a Earth Hour??? << (2008-03-29 06:40:39)
patrickcurl : They need to have earth hour around 6pm, so I can use it as a time to take a nap before dinnger and conserve my internal energy too lol << (2008-03-29 06:38:48)
bruingeek : For excitement today, I’m considering an Earth Hour observance…but may need someone to hold my hand in the dark *snortle* << (2008-03-29 06:38:43)
virginia : I was in a bar during Earth Hour, and they didn’t turn off the lights, so we went outside in protest. Then we came in again due to coldness. << (2008-03-29 06:37:54)
siopaomaster : tinamad akong mag swimming..wait ko na lang earth hour << (2008-03-29 06:37:29)
patrickcurl : @steve228uk they sure did – Don’t forget to turn yours off between 8pm and 9pm for Earth Hour! << (2008-03-29 06:36:40)
wbarthol : Yum, Baskin & Robins… Earth Hour seems to be a bit of a failure. << (2008-03-29 06:33:17)
CodeJedi : Funny how you can still twitter during Earth hour! << (2008-03-29 06:33:00)
Yarra64 : I thought every hour was earth hour in adelaide (sorry dt – just had to!) << (2008-03-29 06:32:34)
01000101 : Watching Melbourne switch back on, from my roof as Earth Hour comes to a close << (2008-03-29 06:32:31)
pcrobot : Turn your lights off for Earth Hour. Kudos to Google as well… when I opened Firefox this morning I thought my homepage had been changed! << (2008-03-29 06:31:59)
linglingtai : Lights off from 8pm to 9pm today! Support Earth Hour! << (2008-03-29 06:31:38)
kbond : Did not take part in the BS earth hour, house is lit up like a freakin’ Christmas tree << (2008-03-29 06:30:35)
dailytwitter : twitterfolk as part of earth hour today – take a picture of where you are now n send to with location – blog ensues. << (2008-03-29 06:29:55)
gboaca : Earth Hour tonight at 20:00 << (2008-03-29 06:29:14)
shauntrennery : Took some neighbourhood kids to get all the house on our road to turn the lights off for earth hour. << (2008-03-29 06:26:52)