Is Friend Feed a longterm relationship?

Friend Feed, a service that aggregates social network information, is having its “Twitter Moment,” according to Michael Arrington.

After the buzz wears off, is it here to stay?

In the meantime, I’m here.

Updated: Louis Gray says A-lister bloggers are joining in DROVES.


  1. I saw Steve Rubel twittering this AM that he was getting into it. He wanted to be able to post to Twitter from it… interesting. Seems like Facebook does much the same (at least what I want). In fact, it sort created an echo chamber in Facebook feeds until I turned its posts off. Still kind of looking at it. I haven’t gotten up with an urge to see what’s new in Friend Feed, but I am looking at it. I’m still making up my mind about whether this is a product that fills a need or a hype that just moves money from one person’s pocket to another before it flames out..

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