Only the journalism survives

Dave Cohn’s right, it’s about individual transformations. See why.


  1. Thanks Jack.
    My fear in all this: Individuals change slowly. Perhaps too slow.
    I don’t think people go into journalism for the money – to that end, I think most journalists have their heart in the right place. But it seems that isn’t enough right now.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. People are adapting, but their numbers continue to be small and they are rewarded with frustration. It’s ironic that people who got into journalism “to change the world” are unable to change themselves. I think efforts like those you are involved are critically needed to provide the living examples of another way, a way rooted in everything journalism stands for, but which practices it in an entirely new way, a way that taps into how digital life is lived. Stay at it, write about it, find successes. To stay sane, leave those that can’t change where they lay and move on.

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