UT campus pub smackdown

Thought for the day: Lose your institutional memory in order to remember what you’re doing

Pat Thornton, a Web content editor at Stars and Stripes, compares two University of Tennessee journalism efforts. See how they fared.

If there was ever a place for journalists to take risks and try things that may
not work, it should be in college media. College is the perfect time for

We hope with passing grades.

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  1. Jack,
    I appreciate the things the blogger had to say about the Tennessee Journalist, but I have to take issue with the idea that’s we’re in a fight with the UT Daily Beacon.
    We’re not. The campus newspaper still has a big role to play in educating journalism students. We’re just doing something different.
    No fights. All peace and love.
    Jim Stovall
    (faculty adviser to TNJN; former editor of the UT Daily Beacon; child of the sixties)

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