Month: May 2008

  • Original content curators

    This Old House, a Time Inc. magazine, is changing the name of its June issue to “Your Old House,” because it will consist entirely of user-submitted content. Time magazine managing editor Richard Stengel says that: the future of journalists is “to be more curators and less creators.” (via I Want Media and The Power of […]

  • A joke is journalism

    We’ve all heard the cliche “journalism is a joke.” In a sort of dog bites man story, a joke is developing into journalism. What began as a parody of “the real” Shel Israel featuring a sock puppet has actually started to develop in an interview series that serves up news, according to Mashable’s Mark “Rizzn” […]

  • The buttered popcorn guide to fair use

    An excellent short film by Eric Faden, an assistant professor of English and film studies at Bucknell about copyright and fair use. It’s an extra on a longer DVD being distributed by the Meida Education Foundation. There’s a six minute preview of the longer piece. Did you know the song “Happy Birthday to You” is […]