Month: June 2008

  • A slave to email

    Coming back from a short vacation and not checking company email for four days, brought with it an inbox with over 675 new messages. Now, many of them were “status” messages; new video available from AP, someone flagged a comment on knoxnews, please post a story. Easily deleted and no reply necessary, but still there […]

  • Just play like Bill Russell

    I’m a believer in sticking with fundamentals and keep an eye on your goals. Flavor of the day management just leads to zigzag results with up not an option. So I was particularly pleased to read what Scott Berkun, author of The Myths of Innovation, gleaned from the management  style that led the Boston Celtics […]

  • An idea to nap on

    Merlin Mann says he’s met an astonishing number of people who can’t bring themselves to take naps during the day. He’s never met me. I don’t need a guide and software is unnecessary. TV on, TV off; it doesn’t matter. I try not to nap when I’m driving. But I’m glad Mann’s often evangelizing the […]