Art in numbers

Knoxville artists by number

Actors 85

Announcers 255

Architects 465

Fine artists, art directors, animators 570

Dancers and choreographers 60

Designers 1,730

Entertainers and performers 105

Musicians and singers 600

Photographers 380

Producers and directors 395

Writers and authors 390

Artists in the Workforce, 1990-2005,  a May 2008 research report from the National Endowment for the Arts


  1. I wonder where they got their numbers. I bet Jeanelle and Charlotte at Talent Trek would disagree regarding the number of actors. At least I would like to hope there are more than that!
    Ok. I started to read and at 150 pages I’m thinking that I’ll accept their figures without question.

  2. It’s from a special Census report using 2000 data. Interestingly, Nashville and Asheville are in the top 50 metro areas for artists as a percent of labor force. Nashville is tied for 10th with Seattle and Asheville is 46th. Tennessee as a state ranks first in musicians (surprise!!).

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