The mystery of “the couch” in KnoxVegas

The New York Times features a look at a  weekend in Knoxville. I must hang with the wrong crowd, or at least with the people writer Allison Glock knows. I have never heard Knoxville referred to as the “the couch.”

KnoxVegas, K-Town, Knoxpatch, yes. But “the couch,” no, never.

The accompanying slide show to the article includes a WDVX Blue Plate Special show. Online Producer Talid Magdy has a weekly series of videos on those shows.

Update: KnoxvilleTalks is doing a “couch” poll.  So unless you’re a couch potato, head on over there.


  1. The Times did a story four years ago about totally happening West Palm Beach in which they rather unfortunately dubbed the “South of Southern” neighborhood So-So. Never heard it before the story, but I sure did after. So, “the couch” it is!

  2. I’ve lived in or been associated with Knoxville all my 56 years. I’ve never once heard anybody call it “the couch.”

  3. @ William Hartnett, Oh great. First the WSJ with its “Scruffy Little City” thing, then ESPN with its “Tennessee outhouses” and now the NYT with “The Couch ” Now Knoxville will be known as “the couch of the South.”

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