Month: July 2008

  • Reactions to adversity

    Interesting take on two people dealt with adversity: Yesterday morning, two miles away from my house, a man named Jim Adkisson burst into a church and started shooting people.  Today we found out that Mr. Adkisson has not been able to find a job, and that he’d hoped to die in the shooting, too. Last Friday, another man […]

  • Twitter as personal news-wire

    This chart, posted on the Twitter blog, shows trending of the use of the word “earthquake ” following the earthquake in Southern California on Tuesday. The two headlines are from a San Diego TV station and, nine minutes after the quake, the AP. In the not-so-distance past, getting the story out within nine minutes was […]

  • Craigmillar Castle photo

    One of my photos (on left in image at right) of Craigmiller Castle got included in the “newly released fifthedition of our Schmap Edinburgh Guide.” The screen shot at right shows how it looks in an iPhone/iTouch and here is how it looks in its regular web version. I suspect the creative commons license I […]