In the Age of Editors

I’ve been hearing editors were dinosaurs every since, well, I became one a couple of decades ago. We haven’t gotten stuck in the tar pits yet — or have we?

Kurt Greenbaum has been listening to the drumbeats while working on an article on the future of editors. See what’s he learned so far.

And if editors are headed for extinction, just remember, my new title of news director of innovation doesn’t contain the word “editor.”

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  1. We were having a staff meeting the other day and the discussion turned to the need for an enterprise or “projects” editor. One of the “editors” said she used to dream of being “projects editor.” But now, she said, she’s afraid that whenever talks about layoffs come up, the first one to go will be the “projects editor.”
    I suggested we find another title, like “the most important job in the newsroom.”
    Then when people start talking about layoffs, someone will say, “We can’t get rid of that position. After all, it’s the most important job in the newsroom.”
    We will always need editor, no matter what we call them.
    – Ron Sylvester

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