Pot full of cash needed

NCPCTough times for a nice museum, the North Carolina Pottery Center..

The decade-old center is in Seagrove, which the AP’s Martha Waggoner wrote has “been described as the largest continuing community of
European-based potters in the United States. In the mid-1700s, seven
families from England settled within a five-mile radius of each other
and began producing pottery from locally dug clay, and the area is now
home to more than 100 potters.”

(Photo from center Web’s site)


  1. Thanks Jack for the link, The center is fantastic and i hope enough folks donate to keep it going.

  2. Thanks, Dan. I do, too. Several museums have extensive collections of Seagrove Pottery, most notably the Mint in Charlotte, but it would be nice to have a first class museum in Seagrove, which the center is.

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