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Lots of media organizations are experimenting with Twitter, but CNN is the most aggressive of the big sites.

Commenters at Mashable believe this will 1) give CNN a leg up as an early adopter and 2) it’s promotion of Twitter will help push the sometimes difficult to grasp service into the mainstream.

I tend to think CNN is very smart to be near ubiquitous in social media. And that Twitter is role as a multi-platform new channels is growing. Quit looking for the next big thing in mobile, it is the next big thing (and it goes far beyond mobile).

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  1. I’m addicted to Twitter. It’s like having a broadcast network you can update with a text.
    News orgs are smart to use it to send breaking news alerts – as long as they don’t abuse it.

  2. Outside of a handful of exceptions, MSN organizations haven’t been greatly successful at getting Twitter followers. But I think that has more to do with the audience demographics for some of them, how they are approaching it and the fact that few are promoting it to the level of, for example, CNN.

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