My stats have been Chromed

A blog is not a blog if it hasn’t posted on Chrome, right? Seems that way.
Chrome is showing up as a browser in my stats for this site for Sept 2-5. (When I look at the last 30 days, Firefox tops IE.)

Browsers (Sept. 2-5)
% visits
Internet Explorer 45.33%
Firefox  40.70%
Safari 9.44%
Chrome 1.97%
Opera 1.45%

Operating Systems (30 day)
% visits
Windows 80.32%    
Macintosh 15.30%    
Linux 1.72%    
iPhone 1.39%


  1. I’ve been seeing Chrome hits as well. I’ve been using it off and on for the past 3 or 4 days. It’s not too bad for a Beta browser. I’ve experienced some screen freezing issues mainly with online .pdf forms and complete lockup with streaming video. There is some pretty interesting stats and commentary going on over on’s blog that you might be interested in: LINK

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