On being the link to news

Scott Karp, founder of Publish2, explains the power of “link journalism” using a roundup of Vol coverage we did Monday.

The concept is so counter-intuitive (create outbound links to generate inbound traffic) that news sites for years were loath to link out, particularly to competitors. But as Karp notes:

By rounding up all of the coverage from around the web using LINKS, Knoxnews created a DESTINATION for fans to discuss the game.

And the people being linked to seem to like it as well.

As Karp asks: And you’re not doing it… why?


  1. If by counter-intuitive you mean “that’s how the web was designed and that’s how Google partially establishes PageRank” then YES, highly counter-intuitive 😉
    ps- part of our success at Weblogs was realizing the importance of outbound links. To this day we demand an outbound link on every post.

  2. LOL, well that too. A lot of print people have angst over not invented here and especially linking to a competitor. I say be useful and you’ll grow audience. I believe that would a cornerstone of Weblogs as well, right?

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