Press bashing in fashion for fall

The style of the presidential campaign increasing is becoming about mainstream media’s coverage of the campaign.

Here’s a video of Jeri Thompson, wife of former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, taking on the press in general, the New York Times in particular and verbally slapping Alan Colmes of Fox News.

Fred Thompson made a failed bid for the White House in the GOP primary, but seems almost to be campaigning harder for the McCain-Palin ticket than he did for his own candidacy.

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  1. Jack, Fox News and their token “liberal” commentator? Give me a break. This kill-the-messenger idea is not new. Even the talking heads go after the media without a thought that they are the media. How did that Pogo quote go? I think it is, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” It is unfortunate that television or, rather, cable news/commentator programs are give such weight when the average TV news story is usually less than 30 seconds.

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