Snorting sawdust with the toaster on high

It’s not often I find two gems of quotes in one blog post, but I did in this one, pointed out to me by one of my Scripps peeps.

WSJ: Newspapers are suffering as advertising moves online. You are a director of Washington Post Co. Do you think newspaper companies will survive?

Mr. (Barry) Diller: If they call themselves newspaper companies they are probably going to be toast. It will depend absolutely on what the product is. We’re still at such an early period to talk about the death of journalism.

Craig Stoltz, web consultant, former editorial director of Revolution Health, ex-editor at The Washington Post, recidivist blogger:

Instead of laying off people from newspapers and hiding in the basement, leaders who are dedicated to the future of news just have to quit snorting sawdust and let the newspapers go. Not the news, but the newspapers.

Bonus: And there was this in Media Post.

Printed metro daily newspapers may soon belong in the Newseum. Publishers are slimming newspapers down by cutting sections; some are ceasing publication entirely. In fact, it’s surprising just how many good-sized daily newspapers have closed in the last couple of years.

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  1. I always read our local twice weekly. Hardly ever read the large regional paper. I love our local news, kids sports and the goings on at the school board meetings.

  2. I think small print publications that stay focused on their community will have continue to thrive. Your behavior is being reflected thousands of times over across the country.

  3. Glenn Reynolds conveys as much news in his pithy comments and links as I get in my daily paper. Now, if he’d do a daily sudoku, I could cancel the dead tree edition!

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